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Social events and Registration


The Welcome Cocktail will take place on the 17 of November from 20,00 to 22,00 in Sala Depero (#2 on the map below), in the historical building of the Autonomous Province of Trento (Piazza Dante, 15 Trento).

After the brief speeches of the authorities, a dinner buffet will be offered to ENGRes2014 participants.

Registration for the conference will be open on 18 November at 8,30.

The Registration desks will be available at the Venue of the Conference, in the foyer of the Auditorium (level 1) at the Department of Humanities of the University of Trento in Via T. Gar, 14 (#1 on the map). You will receive your personal badge and our Conference shopper.

Lunch and Coffee breaks during the two days of the Conference will be served in the Auditorium lobby, where you can also find the posters presented by the finalists of the Marie Sklodowska Curie Prize Award.

The Gala Dinner will take place on the 18 of November at 20,00 at MuSe in Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza 3, Trento (#3 on the map).

shuttle bus to and from the MuSe will be available with the following schedules:

  • at 19,30 from Grand Hotel Trento, Piazza Dante 20, to MUSE
  • at 23,00 from MUSE to Grand Hotel Trento.

Please, do not forget to bring your badge with you as you will be asked to show it at the entrance of the MUSE.

At 20.30 the Conference organizators will offer a dinner buffet and at 21.30 the three winners of the Marie Skłodowska Curie Prizes Award will present their projects in the Conference room and Big Void Area (level -1).

The whole museum will be at disposal of the participants. During the evening at MUSE, research demonstrations from Trentino’s research institutions will be presented in different areas and levels of the museum and the staff of MuSe will organize guided tours on each level at scheduled time.



ENGRes2014 places


The brand new science museum opened in July 2013 is the landmark of the new Trento quarter designed by Renzo Piano.

MuSe tells fascinating stories about mountain environments, from the beautiful Dolomites through to the tropical setting of the Tanzanian Eastern Arc.

It combines nature, science and technology with current ethical and social issues.

Its innovative design intertwines science, arts, society and nature in an evocative building nestled in the Alpine skyline.

MUSE has quickly established itself as a lively arena for citizens to lead informed discussions about challenges of the future.

MUSE building offers to “MCA Conference” a first class location, combining avant-garde architecture designed by a world class architect with innovative solutions both in terms of sustainable architecture and high technology.

Research at MUSE focus on Biodiversity and Ecology, Earth Sciences and Landscape, aiming to deliver knowledge based tools to manage and conserve the environment in a sustainable way.

To get to MuSe, please follow these instructions.