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The MSCA 2014 Conference “ENGRes 2014″ takes place in the new Auditorium of the “Department of Humanities” of Trento University, conveniently located downtown Trento.


The building, which was in inaugurated in 2012, houses the Department of Humanities and the School of International Studies, as well as some University services. It is situated in the heart of the historical town of Trento.

The building, designed by the Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm, consists of three bodies and  has five floors.

Inside, there are 32 lecture rooms, including 4 computer rooms and the new lecture hall which seats 330 people.

All the lecture rooms are equipped with audio-video systems and the possibility of multimedia interconnection, wireless connection (also throughout the building and adjacent external areas) and lecturers’ desks with touchscreen control panels for all the installation and domotic functions.

Each lecture-room desk is provided with an electric power socket for portable PCs.

On the ground floor, there are the general services (porter’s lodge, academic affairs division, reading areas, IT support services), as well as the larger lecture rooms: 290 seats (lecture room 5), 93 seats (lecture room 1), 132 seats (lecture rooms 3 and 4), 150 seats (lecture room 7), 113 seats (lecture room 6)

In the quad areas on the ground floor, it is possible to host events, exhibitions, cocktail and catering services.

On the second and third floors, apart from the other lecture rooms, there are the teaching and research laboratories, more study areas and a self-access room with 28 computers, where the user can consult multimedia archives and access the multimedia library of the Department, using various kinds of educational support (vhs, cd, dvd).

On the third and fourth floors,  there are the offices of the technical-administrative staff and the lecturers’ studies.

Overall, there are 300 work places in operation and study areas for about 350 people

The two lower-ground floors are used as garages (about 200 car places), technological plants and warehouses.


How to reach us

The Department of Humanities is in via Tommaso Gar No. 14. It is just a few hundred metres from Piazza Duomo and you can walk  there in about five minutes from the railway station and from the bus stops

Link to the map:  http://web.unitn.it/lettere/2028/dove-siamo